Cool links: Urban forest radio essays

Good friend and collaborator Dr. Kirsten Schwarz presented research at the 2012 Association of American Geographers that focused on the relationships between patterns in the social and economic diversity of a city and the distribution or urban tree canopy. Her work makes comparisons across several U.S. cities that have tree planting initiatives and asks whether the ways these new trees are distributed could reduce environmental inequities and lays the groundwork for future work concerning the ultimate impact of tree location on public health and the services urban ecosystems provide to local residents, and the economic costs and benefits of different planting and maintenance strategies. She passed along TALES FROM URBAN FORESTS , produced by the US Forest Service that is a great resource for people interested in learning about urban forests.  After living in Phoenix, I’m partial to the stories about the impacts of the urban heat island effect on human health, especially in poorer neighborhoods.



Teaching tools: EPA – EJView

EPA – EJView.

I can’t believe I didn’t use this in my class (yet).  The EJ View hosted by the EPA is a good way to introduce students to spatial ideas of environmental justice without requiring that they know how to use geographic information systems.